It all started with this question: "What really happens to our bodies when we fly?"

FLIGHTFŪD was created by former flight attendant Kaeli Bauman. While Kaeli worked as a flight attendant for a major Canadian airline, she noticed how her body responded to the demands of frequent flying and looked for a nutritional product which supported her body in the air. She couldn't find such product, so she set out to create it.

Jamie Renney and Sarah Peterson joined as co-founders; with a dash of curiosity, a passion for wellness, and the love for travel, FLIGHTFŪD's flagship product Inflight Elixir was created.

Inflight Elixir was designed as the wellness drink mix for frequent flyers. We intentionally chose key functional ingredients which support travel health 6 ways: Coconut water crystals to restore and enhance hydration, Camu Camu powder to boost immunity, Chlorella to support exposure to cosmic radiation, Papaya powder to prevent bloating, Goji Berry powder to improve circulation, and Tart Cherry powder to manage jet lag.

A product which is functional and healthy is important, but we wanted to create a drink you actually enjoy drinking; so we added natural flavors of strawberry and lemon. It was also important to us to bring you a product free of refined sugar, so we sweetened Inflight Elixir with Monk Fruit. 

Our products are rooted in wellness and inspired by travel. This is just the beginning, more to come. 

Let's eat well, travel often, learn and create.

xx Sarah, Kaeli, and Jamie

 FLIGHTFUD co-founders