Flight Attendants and Pilots are an essential part of our community; you are the ultimate frequent flyers.

We created the Flight Crew Club to empower active pilots and flight attendants to stay healthy and feel great at work by making our products more affordable and accessible. 

flight crew discounts

To enroll, complete the application below and attach proof of employment (either Known Crew Member or Employee ID card).

Program Discount

  • 25% off product
  • Free shipping

Program Details

In order to offer you product at this price, we require you to subscribe to at least 2 bags of Inflight Elixir (sufficient for 64 hours of flying).

Discount is offered on subscription orders only. Set it and forget it, you have too many other important things to do like travel non-rev and bid for your next schedule!

Choose between delivery frequency of either 1 month or 2 months. 

Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Program Eligibility & Requirements

To be eligible for the Aviation Employee Program, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Active pilot or flight attendant
  • Live in the USA or Canada
  • Photo of Employee ID or Known Crew Member card (not expired)

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