Chlorella + Spirulina Powder

We added Chlorella and Spirulina for their incredible ability to protect the body against Cosmic Radiation.  
Cosmic Radiation is radiation which originates from outside our solar system. The earth's atmosphere acts as a radiation shield around our planet.  At ground level this normally isn't a problem for us, but when we fly, we travel to altitudes where the atmosphere is thinner, leaving us more exposed to cosmic radiation.

There are three main factors that can affect the amount of exposure to cosmic radiation:

Altitude: the higher we go, the greater the dose
Latitude: the closer we get to the poles, the greater the dose
Duration: the longer we stay in air, the greater the dose

For example, a flight from Chicago to Beijing over the polar cap is estimated to give you the same dose of radiation as two chest X-rays.  Flight crews are classified as having jobs with occupational exposure to ionizing radiation because they fly again and again, many times during the month.  Cumulative doses of radiation can cause enough damage to cells to affect and harm their biological function and DNA (Chromosome translocation.) The true health risk has been hard to demonstrate, as some cancers (like those of the thyroid, breast, and bone marrow) can take up to 30 years to manifest.

Chlorella and Spirulina are powerful weapons to protect against radioactive damage and to heal it once it has occurred. These algaes literally binds to radioactive particles and flushes them out of the body, and also helps repairs DNA damage to already harmed cells. 
For more information on Cosmic Radiation, check out this article on BBC here, and an article on mindbodygreen here.


 Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.