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Inflight Elixir is the superfood drink mix for frequent flyers. Drink your way to your healthiest flight with a megadose of travel-supporting ingredients: coconut water crystals to restore and enhance hydration, camu camu powder to boost immunity, chlorella to support exposure to cosmic radiation, papaya powder to improve digestion, goji berry powder to improve circulation, and tart cherry powder to manage jet lag.

How to use:

When flying, mix one travel pack of Inflight Elixir into 8-16 oz (250-500ml) of water. Sit back, sip, and enjoy your flight. We recommend to take Inflight Elixir at the beginning of your flight and an additional travel pack for every 4 hours of flying for optimal results.

Ps. Because we use whole food powders, it's normal for Inflight Elixir to not fully dissolve. 

Each pouch contains 8 individual travel packs of Inflight Elixir and is suitable for a total of 32 hours of flying!

Ingredients: Organic coconut water powder, tart cherry powder, camu camu whole fruit powder, goji fruit powder, papaya fruit powder, chlorella powder, spirulina powder. Other ingredients: Inulin powder, natural strawberry powder, organic beet root juice powder, citric acid, natural lemon flavor, sodium bicarbonate, silicon dioxide, monk fruit extract.

How many bags should you subscribe to per month?

2 bags = 64 hours of flying

4 bags = 128 hours of flying




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Carolina D.
United States United States

Life Saver and Delicious

I truly feel this product helps keep my immune system in check. I fly a lot and am exposed to so many germs. I've thankfully been better since using Flight Fud! I'd recommend using it any time you're around a lot of people or need an extra boost.

Ashley R.
Canada Canada

Amazing Product!!

This item is easy to pack and tastes great. I am a travelling that always has digestive issues the moment I get in the air. Despite drinking water on flights I always end of dehydrated. This product is a godsend and is a game changer for flying. I will definitely be repurchasing!

United States

Amazing for travelers!

So far I have been using this during my travels for about 2 months and I love it! It has been hydrating for long flights and gives me just a little extra energy boost I need at times in the morning. I have been very happy with the product and doing the subscription program has given me such a good deal!

Jaine A.
United States United States

New Traveling Staple

Never going to fly again without these lifesavers! They taste great and help with my jet lag. I fly international trips at least once a week and I've always had issues with bloating and feeling extremely groggy whenever I would land. I used Inflight Elixir on my last trip to and from Singapore from San Francisco and even my husband noticed a difference in my energy levels, my mood, and my complexion!! I love this stuff!

Brad M.
United States United States

Hope it helps

Hoping this helps even the littlest bit, first one tase good so that is a good start