The healthy travel drink mix for frequent flyers.

Jet-setting across several timezones leaves you dehydrated, bloated, tired and not feeling ready to "hit the ground running" once you land.

We created our flagship product, Inflight Elixir, so that you don't have to check your healthy habits in with your luggage, and so that you can always feel your best, even at 30,000 ft. 

Inflight Elixir supports travel health 6 ways using a unique formula of superfoods designed to specifically support your body in the air.

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Our Story

It all started with working as a Flight Attendant, getting curious about what actually happens to our bodies when we fly, and the frustration with the lack of nutritious food products available in airports and onboard airplanes.

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Our Formula

We use ingredients sourced from whole foods to specifically support your body in the air. Think of Inflight Elixir as your "multi-vitamin" while flying.

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