Inflight Elixir

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Inflight Elixir is the superfood drink mix for frequent flyers. Drink your way to your healthiest flight with a megadose of travel-supporting ingredients: coconut water crystals to restore and enhance hydration, camu camu powder to boost immunity, chlorella to support exposure to cosmic radiation, papaya powder to improve digestion, goji berry powder to improve circulation, and tart cherry powder to manage jet lag.

How to use:

When flying, mix one travel pack of Inflight Elixir into 8-16 oz (250-500ml) of water. Sit back, sip, and enjoy your flight. We recommend to take Inflight Elixir at the beginning of your flight and an additional travel pack for every 4 hours of flying for optimal results.

Ps. Because we use whole food powders, it's normal for Inflight Elixir to not fully dissolve. 

Each pouch contains 8 individual travel packs of Inflight Elixir and is suitable for a total of 32 hours of flying!

Ingredients: Organic coconut water powder, tart cherry powder, camu camu whole fruit powder, goji fruit powder, papaya fruit powder, chlorella powder, spirulina powder. Other ingredients: Inulin powder, natural strawberry powder, organic beet root juice powder, citric acid, natural lemon flavor, sodium bicarbonate, silicon dioxide, monk fruit extract.


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Sandra C.
United States United States

Flight life line.

Very happy with this purchase. And glad this sort flight friendly single use version was launched! My go to before every flight and usually the following day for a boost.

Aly G.


as a flight attendant/frequent traveller this is possibly my most favorite product! It not only helps combat the flying blues but it tastes yummy!!! Do not let the color fool you! its not over powering and has just the right amount of sweetness! COULD NOT recommend this product more!!!!!!! RUN- DONT WALK TO PURCHASE!!!!!!

Ashleigh M.
United States

Great concept-taste needs work

Being a flight attendant, this spoke to me. I like to be healthy and liked the idea of using vitamins to increase energy and hydration. I was excited to share FlightFud with my crew mates but the resounding feedback from myself and fellow crew was it tasted chalky and “vitamin-y”. Everyone liked the idea and the packaging was great but would appreciate a bit more ease- tablets or vials of the powder would be nice. It’s not super convenient to have to have that big package and struggle with getting the powder into a bottle in a moving aircraft. And we had the galley to do this. I’d imagine it would be harder to accomplish this in a passenger. seat.


Flight Attendant fatigue.

FIRST OFF, I’d like to start by saying this product is my most reached for product in my bag. As a flight attendant i can not begin to describe what our bodies go through day in and day out. It’s insane. This has totally transformed the way i feel while I’m in the air (multiple times a day). Secondly, everything about the product from the scent to the taste it pure goodness. Can not say enough about this item! Hoping you all give it a try!

Jamie G.
United States

Cannot Travel without it!

I loved the taste and I enjoyed sharing it with my colleagues as well. We’re all flight crew so it was much appreciated to have a supplement that is so well tailored to combat the negative effects of flying